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Who We Are

PT Panca Jasa Lingkungan is one of the first and most experienced organization in the field of wastewater in Indonesia. The mission of PJLEnviro is to be Indonesia’s leading wastewater treatment plant ( WWTP) creator. By providing innovative solutions, cutting-edge Wastewater Treatment technology, in addition to accomplished professionals; we seek to develop a clean nation, one treatment at a time.

What We Do

PT Panca Jasa Lingkungan (PJLEnviro) support Indonesia’s efforts to address the wastewater challenges. We hope to create a green and sustainable environment through innovation in this sector. We convey and implement this by shifting the paradigm of wastewater management from ‘treatment and disposal’ to ‘reuse, recycle and resource recovery’.
  • Projects Of The Year

    As a commitment to realize green environmental business activities, Suryacipta Industrial Estate facilitates wastewater treatment designed using Organica Food Chain Reactor technology. This WWTP is operated with a processing capacity of up to 10,000 m3/day.

What People Say

  • Suresh Muthusamy

    “PJL Enviro is an ideal partner that are extremely dependable, typical qualities that foreign company seek in a partner...”
  • Dr. Joseph Lehmann

    “We completed together a most unique and challenging project for ammonia removal from wastewater...”
  • Karel Walla

    “The idea of PJL Enviro water and wastewater treatment solutions was inspired and is exactly the kind of sustainability initiative...”
  • Dr. – Ing. Marcus Höfken

    “PJL has been providing excellent local costumer service, a high degree of technical knowledge in process technology and...”


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