Experience in the field of environment and wastewater treatment comes with experiences, trust and longstanding relationship with various vendors, clients and business partners.
  • We successfully launched Organica FCR – a sustainable green concept of wastewater treatment – in Indonesia and till date we have contracted seven projects with PJLEnviro. I am hugely impressed by their undeterred commitment towards the Environment and wastewater. PJLEnviro is an ideal partner that are extremely dependable, typical qualities that a foreign company seeks in a partner while foraying into a new country or geography. Their commitment to the wastewater and environment just keeps growing with every generation and we cherish our partnership with PJL Enviro.
  • Over the past 15 years we have developed a successful and trustful partnership with PJL Enviro, our Sales Partner for the water and wastewater market in Indonesia. PJL has been providing excellent local customer service, a high degree of technical knowledge in process technology and of our products which PJL has been able to integrate successfully in their projects. Their professionalism, dedication & commitment has always been outstanding.
  • We completed together a most unique and challenging project for ammonia removal from wastewater, reaching complete customer satisfaction. Our recent visit to Indonesia to demonstrate our electrochemical technologies and processes for water and wastewater de-coloring and COD removal was a success. We are very optimistic about our cooperation and its foreseen results, where we will continue to provide advanced treatment technologies and systems, while PJLEnviro will integrate and manage the whole projects.
  • As a Industrial Park Management, we manage our water, energy and waste in a way which is cost effective to the business and reduces our impact on the environment. The idea of PJL Enviro water and wastewater treatment solutions was inspired and is exactly the kind of sustainability initiative we expect from our partners

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