Concession Services

PJLEnviro as Indonesia’s leading wastewater treatment solution provider, provides a concession Services as part of our core business segment. We simply do not sell or build a wastewater treatment plan, but we are able to provide our customers with the Services by providing a concession contract.

We offered diversified services of the water treatment sector covering not only long-term operation and maintenance but also supplying water through Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT“), Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (“BOOT“), Rehabilitate Own-Operate-Transfer (“ROOT“), Rehabilitate-Own-Operate (“ROT“), Build own operate (“BOO“) and Rehabilitate-Own-Operate (“ROO) projects; which involve partnerships or joint ventures (“JV“) with the public or private sector. 

Our Services include a holistic solution with financing & investing; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC); operation, maintenance (O&M); sales and supply of technology; and Urban Water Reuse.

About Our Services Business

  • The development of sanitation service is one of the essential requisites in residential and industrial activity. To address the growing demand is facing, PJLEnviro comes up for public-private partnership as an available financial resource. As developing our business entity, we provide project financing, building up operation and purchasing investment products/ infrastructure.
  • Due to the raising water scarcity in Indonesia, we see the increased importance of wastewater treatment and reuse facilities here. PJLEnviro experts bring a range of wastewater treatment solutions with integrated EPC services to ensure successful technology delivery and to meet the client objectives. We are committed to providing end to end services to our customers ranging from preliminary design, detail engineering design, procurement, construction, installation, training, and commissioning.
  • PJLEnviro delivers comprehensive service with ongoing support throughout the entire life cycle of a project to keep plant operations running smoothly. Our ongoing service provision will facilitate you to optimize your plant performance. Our services include support regarding warranty service, training, technical support, and process optimization.
  • PJLEnviro with great partners in local and multinational organizations can provide comprehensive systems and equipment in the whole wastewater treatment phase with a wide range of options. We ensure the correct functioning of your appliance, help make easier for you to use, and develop possible system optimizations. In the event of repair work, we provide authorised and local mechanic service center.
  • The water quality degradation of surface and groundwater is the result of an increased discharge of inadequately treated wastewater or as we called “Used Urban Water“. As the availability of sources of raw water is threatened by pollution, it needs to be properly managed in order to mitigate the impact of water scarcity. Due to the increasing demand for water, PJLEnviro took the initiative to utilize untapped potential from wastewater by reuse and recycle.

Advantages for customer to do Services Contract with us:

Holistic wastewater treatment solutions
  • We facilitate complete project package, customizable solutions, leveraging on our technical experience as well as well-knowledge in this field.
  • We sales of products and equipment; deliver and integrate system; partnered with a global supplier and provider of an innovative solution for water treatment.
Avoid investing money into assets
  • Avoiding ownership and its risk indirectly keeps low leverage and bring through the loan opportunities to increase the business.
  • The public-private partnership minimizes the investment (public cost) while developing infrastructure, so it maintains a balance budget and can be allocated for other socioeconomic welfare. 
Better planning on your main business
  • Each party is able to both focus on their strengths; that allows projects to be completed faster, often with reduced delays. 
  • As part of our expertise, we ensure the implementation of the most suitable and innovative technologies to treat and recycle wastewater. Our service ensures that you can reduce your nonessential risks, such as operation, maintenance, and service. 
Reliable project execution with innovative facilities
  • PJLEnviro is known for its rich experience of more than 35 years in the field of water/wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). 
  • One of the leading wastewater solution providers in Indonesia, we guarantee an efficient, effective, and durable treatment plant.  

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Delivering services with International standard for your local application as Indonesia's leading Wastewater Treatment solution provider.