• People


    Every member of the team holds a diverse set of skills, capabilities, and experiences. Under the same T.I.R.T.A core values; we are united for the sole purpose of finding sustainable solutions to your current environmental challenges.
  • Teamwork

    PJLEnviro is not just a workplace, but a community of people builds based on bonds and values shared across the company. Our ability to succeed are based on our willingness to learn and adapt from and with one another. Together, we are able to strive and reach our goal of creating a sustainable environment.
  • Innovation

    PJLEnviro’s ambition to innovate in the field of the environment by continuously improving and expanding our services. What we achive should be beyond the expectation of others, as we are committed to solving environmental challenges by exploring innovative solution across boundaries to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Responsibility

    Understanding your role in the organization is the key to successful personal. We encourage every member to take responsibility and be committed to their role and projects; in order to thrive, develop, stimulate knowledge sharing and creativity.
  • Trustworthy

    We take every opportunity to build trust amongst our clients, partners, and stakeholders very profoundly. Our company believes that our assurance in providing quality products and unsurpassed service; will help build a long-lasting and sustainable partnership.
  • Appreciation

    As a part of our everyday culture, appreciation, gratitude, and recognition construct a chain of positive vibe in this organization. The powerful transmittal of spiritual energy vibration helps elevates one another energy level. Our persistence to achieve unprecedented milestones is clearly maintained by a human-centered workplace.

Management Team

A group of people with wide range of experiences, specialties and abilities; working together as a unity, serving a purpose for a sustainable development for this industry.

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Delivering services with International standard for your local application as Indonesia's leading Wastewater Treatment solution provider.