• Vision

    Providing solutions for a green and sustainable environment.
  • Mission

    The mission of PJLEnviro is to be Indonesia’s leading wastewater treatment plant creator. By providing innovative solutions, cutting-edge Wastewater Treatment technology, in addition to accomplished professionals; we seek to develop a clean nation, one treatment at a time.

PJLEnviro in a Glance

PT Panca Jasa Lingkungan is one of the first and most experienced organizations in the field of wastewater in Indonesia. As our commitment, we will continue to strengthen our capabilities by providing value-added solutions to meet the increasing demands of our partners and customers.
  • 35 years of experience in the field

    PT. PANCA JASA LINGKUNGAN (PJLEnviro) has been in the business of building a Water/Waste Water Treatment Plant for more than 35 years. We are well-renounced as the first Wastewater Treatment Plant constructor in Indonesia. Our continuous penetrations and engagements to this growing market enable us to constantly create innovative and sustainable solutions to improve: cities living conditions, treatment of difficult industrial pollutant and other wastewater challenges.

    Naturally, we are the most experienced company in Indonesia in the field of water technology staffed with the Highly experienced Engineer people in the industries, from our Process Engineer to our Field Supervisor, to guarantee a solid Project Building team.
  • 10+ innovative facilities across Indonesia

    Our FAST and ACCURATE responses, RELIABLE Project Execution and HIGH EUROPEAN QUALITY Equipment are the trademarks of PJLEnviro. We assure an efficient and effective treatment Plant which will keep on running for years to come.

    With our partners from Europe and our vast local experiences; our initiative is to provide and develop the best and most innovative solution available in the field of Water and Waste Water Treatment. While our main mission is to protect the environment, we ensure that our solution are economically competitive in the local market and also socially beneficial.
  • 5+ solution to your environmental challenges

    Started as an agent for quality wastewater treatment equipment in Indonesia. Our experience, capabilities, innovative methods, and skills allow us to be more than just a ME (Mechanical Equipment) provider. We now often do “Limited supply“ and “Design & Build“ projects all across Indonesia; as we are committed to creating innovative and sustainable solutions to wastewater or even environmental challenges.

    Today, PJLEnviro has grown to be one of the leading WWTP solution providers in Indonesia. Tomorrow, we have the ambition to be an internationally renounced environmental solution provider.

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Delivering services with International standard for your local application as Indonesia's leading Wastewater Treatment solution provider.