Grit Removal

Grit in wastewater consists of sand, gravel, cinders, or other heavy solid materials that have to separate. Grit removal is necessary to reduce the formation of heavy deposits, reduce the frequency of digester cleaning caused by excessive accumulations of grit, protect moving mechanical equipment from abrasion.

Circular Grit Chamber

The tangential inflow enables to improve hydraulic efficiency, also ensures uniformly high grit separation, even varying inflow capacity. The paddle system creates a vertical moving spiral flow (vortex) at the center of the tank, so that heavy mineral substances settle in the middle of the tank, falling into the sand collection shaft.

Grit Classifier

The inlet area is designed to minimize turbulence which will disrupt the separation process. The flow is directed so that the optimal separation of sediment and floating material is guaranteed. Because of the slope of the settling tank wall, submerged objects are directed to a spiral conveyor before being disposed of in a container or transported for disposal.

Grit Washer

It provides washed grit with less than 3% organic matter so that it leads to a reduction in disposal cost, furthermore an increase in nutrient availability for the denitrification process. Both Circular and Longitudinal Grit washer wash out the organic matter by the agitator causes a separation of the grit into the light and heavy components. The Longitudinal GW operates additionally with an upstream installed longitudinal grit trap to cope with larger infeed loads.

Grit Chamber Scraper

The Grit chamber scrapper offers an automatic and turbulence-free removal of sediment and floating scum for Longitudinal and Circular Tank.  The robust and reliable scraper technology with high operational safety: low maintenance with no submerged bearings; low wear and tear with slow-moving components; wear parts easily accessible without basin drainage; scraper blades can be lifted to the upper edge of the basin.

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