PT Panca Jasa Lingkungan (PJLEnviro) support Indonesia’s efforts to address the wastewater challenge of serving the business of wastewater treatment solution. The paradigm shifts of wastewater management from ‘treatment and disposal’ to ‘reuse, recycle and resource recovery’ began conveyed and implemented. In this sense, wastewater is considered a valuable resource and is part of the solution to the challenges facing society today.


The demand for water grows in line with the rising population, thus the amount of wastewater produced and the overall burden of pollution continues to increase. It is estimated that 95% of Indonesia’s wastewater released into agricultural fields, rivers, and open drains without treatment. Moreover, Jakarta with a population of 10 million, only 2% of households are connected to the sewerage system. The others have a septic tank, but leak -so it never desludging and dispose into the treatment plant. Inappropriate sanitation service and contaminated drinking water are having deep impact not only on human health but also the environment. Improved wastewater management will be critical to contribute to social welfare, public health, environmental preservation to realize water and food security, and sustainable development.


PT Panca Jasa Lingkungan (PJLEnviro) has more than 30 years of experience in facilitating complete project services for wastewater technology. Together with multinational partners, PJLEnviro innovates in developing adaptive use of wastewater treatment technologies to improve sanitation services as well as tackle complex industrial wastewater. With the aim to extend wastewater treatment service, secure sanitation, and resource recovery for drinking water, PJLEnviro taking into account capital costs and operational costs while still prioritizing the health and operational efficiency and reliability.  PJLEnviro provides an end-to-end solution including base design, preliminary design, detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance. The primary benefits of

The PJLEnviro solution in brief:

  • Fast and accurate responses
  • Reliable project execution
  • High-quality equipment with international standard and customized as needed
In every execution of services, we are always guided by the policy, laws, and regulations issued by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia.


  • Decentralize of wastewater treatment in a high population should be the main concern. Our systems are profitable long-term to guarantee the accomplishment of water quality and capacity can be expanded in line with population growth to achieve a sustainable urban water cycle while minimizing energy requirements.
  • Sewage treatment plant (STP) has been made mandatory in real-estate development with some system challenges. Innovation and improvement in technologies, allows our facility to remove the unwanted impact on surrounding areas, including odor, noise, and unsightly vistas.
  • Modern biological treatment optimizes its process that allows industrial estate owners to save maintenance costs and create a sustainable and competitive estate. Moreover, an aesthetic garden-like facility can remove the impact on the surrounding commercial areas.
  • Wastewater produced in industrial activity often contains wayward pollution that needs special treatment because it is not biodegradable. We continue to innovate in developing customized and reliable solutions for each type of industrial wastewater with ease of operation and cost-effectiveness.
  • With rising water scarcity, we see increasing recognition of the importance of recycling and reuse water. Our technologies are the feasible solution that fits the most stringent regulations for water reuse in their own process and irrigation. The advanced treatment for water purification allows its reuse as cooling tower make-up water.

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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