Operation & Maintenance

Each wastewater treatment facility is a unique process with various process steps in which performance is greatly influenced by various equipment and situations. As our expertise and knowledge in this system, we provide continuous operation and maintenance activities to achieve the quality and quantity standard as well as for sustainable operation of the WWTP. The WWTP facility utilizes a PC-PLC based process control system with custom-engineered control software for real-time and detailed analysis of plant performance.
  • Instrumentation and Control

    The design provides appropriate instruments and sensors, as required, for proper operation and control of the system adjusted for the effluent requirement. Key equipment is controlled by one or more PLCs, which monitor their status through feedback channels and display on the control application program.
  • Display Panel, Event Log

    The application program that runs on the PC adapts to the technology with real-time technical parameters. The program provides all stored information in a processed and readable format, readily accessible to operators. Changes in technological settings, failures, alarms, and equipment status are stored in the event log.
  • Control and Variables

    The PLC supervisory program controls the automatic operation of equipment that can be altered by using the commands of the application program. The initial values for these parameters are determined in the original design, but are very flexible to be modified if the actual operating conditions or influent characteristics are different.
  • Remote Access

    Internet and mobile technologies play an essential role in the operation of the facility. Remote access to the control panel and logged data enables technologists to observe and intervene in the treatment process when necessary.
  • Main intervention Points

    The most important intervention point is the aeration control in the cascade reactor - the PC-PLC system controls the blower with a variable frequency drive to enable it to maintain the level of dissolved oxygen in the FBAS reactor to optimize the kinetics of biological processes while balancing energy consumption.

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