Given the momentum we have in the wastewater treatment sector. The goal is to shift the 'paradigm' of wastewater in Indonesia.

The Challenge of Greatness

I am delighted to be sharing PJLEnviro’s plans and ambitions for the upcoming year; my first as CEO. Since the beginning of my tenure as the head of this organization, it has become imperative and significantly clear that the environment (in particular, wastewater treatment) sector in Indonesia continues to be a concern and a challenge for the nation. Here we see an opportunity to tackle the issue and grew as an organization. It has also become clear that the potentials in this field subsequently means we have to improve as a holistic.

The environment and wastewater are issues that were brought up since decades ago; however, it never since to materialize in time. Nonetheless, we are hoping to see a change in this matter soon. As we are now aware that Indonesia is no longer classified as a developing country. We have met the criteria in order to be classified as a developed nation. Hence why the responsibility to uphold this status; not just economically but also environmentally. Currently, Jakarta’s (capital city of Indonesia) wastewater coverage is only at 12%. The low percentage of coverage and poor sanitation have cost them about USD 1.4 Billion annually in health care, time, death and productivity losses.
It is our main ambition in the upcoming years to help and create solution for a more sustainable environment while remaining true to our values and purpose. And our commitment to create solutions for the environment in a responsible business manner will continue under my leadership.

Given the momentum we have in the wastewater treatment sector; In addition to the rising trend for more innovative wastewater technologies in Indonesia. The goal is to shift the “paradigm“ of wastewater in Indonesia. This nation’s Wastewater treatment coverages are very limited. Moreover, the majority of the plants are equipped with “old fashioned“ technologies that some would consider medieval or even ancient machinery.  It is known that these tools are no longer as effective, economical and suitable as needed to be. Thus why, in today’s fast-paced world filled with exponential growth of innovation and “IT“ products; we are committed to also implement these innovations to our references. We are committed to continuously innovate and provide solutions with the most effective, sustainable, and “SMART“ solutions. While keeping true to our core values of providing trustworthy and reliable services; for a sustainable and green environment.

As an organization as a whole, It is clear that our corporate system is an area we need to strengthen; as this will ultimately create more sustainable growth within the business. Thankfully, we have seen significant improvements in the previous 12 months. Using new technologies and software such as Harmoni, Asana, and Dropbox to help improve our deliverable. Along with a new head office in Jakarta, new marketing tools, website, improved organizational structure, and standards. We have been able to try and create a more effective and sustainable working culture and system. However, it still does not mean that we can stop innovating and improving in this sector.  

Last, I would like to express my gratitude to our employees, partners, and clients for their effort and support in our previous year. Last year we continued to expand our reach. This year, we are set to commence the construction of at least 5 new references and commission 2 other sites. Hence, I am extremely excited about the opportunities we will have in the future. As together we will set the tone and example in the field of environment especially in wastewater treatment for years to come.

Chief Executive Officer

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