Engineering, Procurements, Construction

PJLEnviro constantly develops and creates an innovative solution to expand affordability of wastewater treatment. Our project is led by professional team to provide integrated engineering, procurements, and construction (EPC) services. We Design & Build your wastewater treatment plant as a holistic project within an agreed time, budget, and ensure that the whole project is completed as required. The work will begin with the process of design/design of the system to be built, procurement/purchase of goods and materials, then continued with building/construction that has been designed. Appropriate technologies will be properly designed and implemented so that the wastewater treatment plant can also be a cost-efficient and still provide expected effluent quality.

PJLEnviro facilitate holistic project service including:

  • The preliminary design may also be known as a conceptual design or initial design to determine the technical assessment and approximate proportions for the optimal plan. The description of all the process units supported by calculation, drawing, and sketches as appropriate with the client’s requirement.
  • Detail design developed from base design and preliminary design is the phase where design is refined and the full cost of the project is identified. PJLEnviro is responsible for the design, planning, organize, control, and construction engineering ensures that the overall design solution satisfies the project's objective.
  • PJLEnviro’s knowledge of the market and partnered with globally renounced technologies, yields a great benefit to the client’s project. Procurement function in the following fields: customized manufacturing, expediting, receiving, procurement, invoicing, purchasing, logistics, and transport.
  • PJLEnviro will manage all construction activities to ensure that the project is completed safely, on time and ensuring the quality and standard of the client's specifications. Construction not only refers to civil engineering, but also the installation of mechanical and electrical to integrate the WWTP with custom-engineered control software.
  • Commissioning is the preparation and start-up of plant equipment so that it is in a safe, tested, and ready for full process operation. PJLEnviro will be responsible for ensuring that operator personnel acquire the skills needed to operate, maintain, service, and repair all equipment in the WWTP.

Alternative approach:

  • Turn-key offering a comprehensive arrangement of design and build service from beginning to end and delivers a complete solution – be it engineering design, procurement construction, installation, also commissioning. It is usually without needing to obtain anything form a third party except in-house vendors.
  • PJLEnviro with our expert partner in the local and multinational company provides wide option for WWTP’s solution. We supply technologies, including equipment, spare part, and its installation for your project that come with less price.  Supply of major equipment accompanied by detail description of technical specifications. 
  • An innovative WWTP is gradually being advanced to compliance stringent regulation for environment protection. In crucial addition, the improvement of existing facility aims to reduce maintenance, reduce operating costs, improved process outcome, and efficiencies in energy use by upgrade equipment, configuration, or operation.
  • Expansion of the capacity of the processing plant is unavoidable due to the growth of the urban population and the development of commercial areas. We provide new treatment technology that increases processing loads with a minimum footprint even without the need for buffer zones.

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