Integrated Pre-treatment

NOGGERATH© combined Unit TOP integrates screening, grit/ sand separation, and with the option of FOG (fat, oil, and grease) removal, all within a single package unit. This complete mechanical pre-treatment is combined with a wide option of the screen, integrated washing system, bypass chamber, continuous bagging system, grease pump, and also aerated/ non-aerated design.

The TOP unit includes two variants: TOP and TOP-F. TOP-F integrates two treatment sections: screen and grit/sand separation section, while TOP-F has further treatment for FOG removal. In both variants, the screened effluent is discharged into a hopper which equipped with an air diffuser to enhance the separation between organic matters and sand, and to allow the floating of grease and oil. Organic washing efficiencies >90% with a volume reduction by ±70% and dry solids 35-40% or greater depending on the solid properties.


  • Mechanical pre-treatment within a low footprint due to it covers screening, grit, and FOG separation for municipal/ industrial wastewater treatment
  • Low requirements for civil engineering 
  • Complete hygienic stainless-steel encapsulation and continuous bagging system reduce odor and avoid direct contact of the operator
  • Quick and easy for installation above ground or in the channel.
  • High quality and reliability at low cost, grease removal operates independently from the water level
  • Residues separated into the screening, setting solids and floating solids

Applications and fields of operation:

  • Compact pre-treatment
  • Septic sludge treatment
  • Replaces the entire headworks of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Optimal mechanical wastewater pre-treatment for membrane plants by removing >95% grit particles, sized 0.20-0.25 mm

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