Should Wastewater Be A Priority Concern In The Fight For Climate Change in Indonesia

Many develop countries sees carbon emission as a global issue. Handful of global conference such as the Paris Agreement has taken place; where global warming, climate change and carbon emission have been the main topic up for discussion. In recent years, many countries are committed to reduce carbon emission by 2030 and reach “net-zero“ emission by 2050.

Wastewater is a global concern as it has a direct impact to climate change. The Unites Nation established that miss-management of wastewater may cause escalation of global warming. This is due to the fact that climate change can be affected through wastewater-related emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Both of these emissions are known to have higher global warming potentials than CO2.

Researcher agrees that if we do not deal with wastewater treatment carefully it might also cause serious impacts across the social, cultural, environmental and economic domains. Examples include damage and loss to assets,  water quality deterioration environmental, public health impacts caused by waterborne diseases, Spreading of

‘Dead Zones’ to fisheries, that can be related to its food chain production, sub-sequential people’s livelihoods and insurance. Nonetheless, despite the already lacking of wastewater sewerage network in Indonesia; wastewater  is not considered as a vital factor that produces carbon emission in the nation. However, given that the impact of global warming on the environment and ecosystems is a very serious problem, where it can threaten the lives of the younger generation, Indonesia’s commitment to limit global warming has been deemed “not ambitious enough” as Indonesia plans to primarily focus on reducing emission in the energy and deforestation sector.
Hence, for all these reasons, we believe that Wastewater treatment must be a part of the solution and how to deal with climate change that is happening in Indonesia.
With environment at the core of our vision. PJLEnviro plans to help this nation in fighting climate change and carbon emission through the creation and continuous innovation in the wastewater treatment sector in Indonesia. We believe that the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) technology is still a small step yet a vital one to help this country to fulfil its climate commitments.

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