Drum Thickener

Filter drum as a thickener is the alternative to the static thickener, centrifuges, and flotation for thin sludge and statically pre-thickened sludge of throughputs of up to 120 m3/h. The optimum result can be obtained at high throughput performance, while achieving a maximum possible degree of thickening at minimal return load and lowest operational cost, in continuous operation.

The degree of separation is normally in the region of 99%, which means that filtrate practically free from solids can be returned to the sewage process/ for cleaning the machine so as saving water.

Plant feature and advantages:

  • Single or dual drum unit, with double drum plants, separate drum drives possible
  • Compact and sturdy plant construction, requiring little space as well as compact sealing prevent emissions
  • Minimal maintenance due to conveniently accessible lubricating points and easily exchangeable filter fabric
  • Setting of optimum flocculation parameters with the aid of the sludge to flocculation ratio and low running cost due to low flocculent consumption
  • Hydraulic relief of the digestion chamber tank to high degree of thickening in the case of thin sludge
  • Monitoring units with automatic switching – off device and incident report

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