Belt Thickener Flux-Drain

Belt thickeners as a mechanical thickening are continuous gravity filters. The flocculant is added in the inlet to enable phase separation due to the formation of macro-flakes. The flocculated sludge is gently conveyed to the horizontal dewatering zone via an inclined chute and distributed over the entire width of the belt where the plate assists the outflow of the filtrate water.

Mechanical thickening with the Belt Thickener FluX-Drain is always recommendable when a cost-effective volume reduction option is required, using gravity filtration, and also an increase in the solid matter concentration and optimum clear water separation.

Our belt thickeners are a commercially attractive solution, with a well-designed construction and flexible applications, which have proven their reliability in daily use:

  • Economic alternative for the reduction of sludge volume due to excellent price-performance ratio and reduction of energy costs for plant operation
  • Increase in plant capacity 
  • Stabilization of the sludge concentration in the biological process 
  • Optimum utilization of the sludge stacks volume 
  • Higher separation efficiency and therefore lower residues 
  • Minimal polymer consumption

Drum Thickener

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