Passavant Screw Press - Sludge Press

Screw press is suitable for either sludge thickening or dewatering of biological sludge. It is an economic solution due to the ability to thickening of up to 8% dry solid or dewater of up to 25% dry solids. The system can operate automatically or manually – either continuously or intermittently for batch processing.

A screw press system consists of a flocculation reaction tank, polymer mixing, an external washing system, and a control panel. The drum is fabricated in stainless steel using a special wedge-wire screen profile with a large surface to obtain optimum liquid drainage characteristics.

Benefits presented by Screw Press - Sludge Press:

  • The screw press is a slow-speed and works at relatively low pressure so that low operating cost due to low energy consumption
  • Its enclosed cylindrical unit and low running speed can reduce noise
  • Easy operation and maintenance with a simple mechanized operation and the auto control system that can be programmed according to the requirement of the users and possible to operate for 24 hours
  • Low investment cost; the sludge press is suitable for small to medium-sized water and wastewater treatment plant of biological sludge without setting sludge thickener
  • With reliable and robust materials this ensures corrosion resistance to aggressive sludge, abrasion, and to be ideal to dewater oily sludge

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