Passavant Membrane Filter Press

The filtration process for the membrane filter press is stopped before as the entire pressure chamber is filled with filter cake is reached. The filter cake is compressed further by means of integrated elastic membranes. Hence the end phase of the filtration with high filling pressures and low throughput is reduced in the membrane filter press.

Membrane filter presses reduce the filtration cycle to produce a highly efficient washing and drying of the precipitate, without unloading it from the filter, to achieve a low moisture content of the sludge.

This design shall be preferred if:

  • The separation results are of most importance or further processes (washing of filter cakes, drying, etc.)
  • Filtering of sludge suspension is difficult
  • Residues must be treated
  • Homogeneously dewatered filter cakes are required

Advantages of the filter press:

  • Almost free access to the plate package
  • The single hanging point is stable and not easy to deviate
  • The filter cloths can be changed without the filter plates
  • The filter plates are easy to dismount and replac
  • Stable dewatering even with variable product composition
  • No filtering aids or polymeric flocculants (if possible)

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