Passavant Chamber Filter Press

Filter press is a disconnected pressure filter used in cases if the process requires only mechanical separation of sludge, mud, or liquid containing solids into the solid cake and liquid filtrate parts. Filtering occurs in the space formed between the filter plates covered with filter cloth. Liquid passes through permeable filter cloth and retained solid particles left on the chamber filter cake.

The Chamber filter press is stopped as the entire pressure chamber is filled with filter cake. Chamber filter press generally uses if the process does not need the low moisture content of sludge, as an example is the filtering sewerage sludge.

This design shall be preferred, if:

  • Low Investment cost
  • The suspension is easily to be filtered
  • Filter capacity is high
  • The water ratio of inlet is high

Advantages of the filter press:

  • Almost freely access to the plate package
  • The single hanging point is stable and not easy to deviate
  • The filter cloths can be changed without the filter plates
  • The filter plates are easy to dismount and replace 
  • Stable dewatering even with variable product composition
  • No filtering aids or polymeric flocculants (if possible)

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