Belt Filter Press RoePress

ROEPERSS belt filter presses are the dewatering of digested sludge containing a high proportion of inorganic or mineral substances, such as municipal and industrial effluent sludge of diverse composition and consistency.

Flocculation determine high throughputs, degree of separation, and dewatering of the belt filter press up to 99% solid content in the cake.

Advantages Presented by ROEPRESS:

  • Efficient pre-dewatering since straining of the flocculated sludge in large, slowly revolving pre-dewatering drum and no pre-dewatering belt with complicated fittings.
  • Repeatedly sealed, large size bearing located externally which can be used for thickening the sludge.
  • Sturdy construction. Strong frame. Strong bearings and journals. High pressures are possible. Careful treatment of filter belts. Even tension over the belt width and prevention of crease formation by pneumatic belt tension and belt control. 
  • Minimum outside water requirements. Outside water only required starting up the machine and for post-clean-ing. 
  • Minimum electricity consumption. Compared to decanters and chamber filter presses, low current consumption. This is an advantage, particularly for small and medium sized sewage plants and mobile dewatering plants. 
  • Fully automatic operation. Automatic and consistent switching on and off of all drives. Automatic belt cleaning after switching off.

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