Step Screen

Step screen is a stepping type of screening system that operates in the counter flow principle and thus guarantees a gentle cleaning without flushing or brushes. The capture rate will improve additionally by the produced screenings carpet on the steps.

The screening of municipal or industrial wastewater as a channel or tank version has several advantages:

  • High operational reliability and low operating costs
  • Drive and electrics in a separate stainless steel box
  • Robust eccentric drive rods, no chain
  • Reliable discharge of the screening into hopper by means of stainless steel discharge comb
  • Installation directly on the channel bottom or in the tank -no necessity for invert recess and/ or flushing system in the base area

Another version of the Step Screen:

  • PSS C
    A spring-loaded movable bottom flap installed at the machine base prevents the sedimentation of solids underneath the movable lamella package. During each rotation cycle, the solids held back are transported onto the next higher step of the fixed lamella package and conveyed step-by-step to the discharge.

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