Spiral Sieve

The Spiral Sieve screen offers fine screening and dewatering of wastewater installed in a channel in one unit. With a perforated or wedge wire screen, including conveyance of screenings, dewatering, compacting and discharge.

Our spiral filter solution has proven to be very economical in operation and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation. No service water is needed with a 35 ° installation angle, for example, and a brush, which is divided into two elements which can be exchanged individually, ensuring fast and cost-effective maintenance.


  • Fine screening and dewatering in one unit
  • Simple retrofitting, no bed drop required
  • Complete hygienic stainless steel encapsulation
  • High operational reliability:
    - No blockages or pigtailing
    - No pressing of screenings through the sieve surface
  • No service water required in the pressing zone


  1. Vertical Sieve Screen, provides a solution to facilitate lifting, washing, dewatering, compaction of solids and improving the performance and reliability of drainage systems and is designed to be installed in sumps, manhole chambers, underground chambers, pumping stations.
  2. Septage Receiving Station, Equipment for the screening of wastewater and septic sludge, including subsequent conveyance, dewatering, washing, compaction, and discharge of screenings.

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