Multi Rake Bar Screen

The screenings are lifted, transported, and discharged using rakes by the utilization of flow-optimized, which are tailored to hydraulic requirements, together with variably adaptable cleaning elements that can be adjusted, both in type and number, to suit the respective transport task and the requirements of the cleaning cycle.

Multi Rake Bar is perfectly suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater with various benefits:

  • Low maintenance, low wear, and tear due to:
  • Individually replaceable sprocket teeth on the drive unit
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel roller chain
  • No bearings below the waterline
  • The swiveling chain guide assembly ensures easy accessibility for KUR-S
  • Blockade monitoring and reverse operation to remove obstacles in the rack bar
  • Short cleaning cycle time due to multiple revolving cleaning elements

The Multi Rake Bar Screen available in the following versions:

  • KUR-HD
    “The Heavy Duty“ version for particularly ambitious applications and a channel width up to 6 m.
  • KUR-C
    The compact standard version for a width up to 3 m.
  • KUR-S
    With a swiveling chain guide device and a rack bar over the entire channel width for smaller channels up to 2 m. (no losses by frame, good hydraulic conditions)
  • KUR-Defender
    Simplified standard version.

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