Micro-screening is the last stage in the water intake procedure and plays a particularly important role as downstream installations such as pumps and capacitors must be reliably protected against equipment failures.

Field of operation:

Rotary Drum Screen RSH-E

Separation and discharge of solids or contaminants from a wastewater using micro screening to drum system. With a rotary drum screen system, incoming wastewater overflows to the wedge wire screen drum where solids are separated effectively with low maintenance and operating costs.

Rotary Drum Screen RSH-I

  • Suitable of continuous and gently handling of solid
  • Optimal adaptability of the inlet area to the individual requirements of the specific application
  • Complete stainless steel encapsulation with direct drive of the drum
  • Axial guiding trunnion wheels stabilizer drum position

Rotary Drum Screen RSH-M/ MG

The separation of very fine solid particles that can be installed either in a concrete chamber, stainless steel, or plastic tank.

  • High flow rate and low hurdles due to optimal hydraulic characteristics using curved screen panels
  • Integrated emergency overflow
  • Blades installed in the screen baskets prevent screenings from falling back into the raw water
  • Direct drive by means of a gear wheel

Triton Underdrain System

Application as reliable and efficient underdrains system in gravity filters in order to retain the granular filter media in place and also to optimize the collection of filtered effluent and distribution of air & water during backwash mode. The TRITON Underdrains can be used for drinking water, wastewater applications (tertiary filtration), Industrial pre-treatment, or desalination applications.

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