Climber Screen

The Climber Screen KRC is operating successfully as fine or coarse screen installed in the channel of municipal or industrial wastewater. Due to continuous development and adaptation to ever-changing requirements and technologies, it has remained one of the best in its class – an original which set standards.

The cleaner carriage is driven by a pair of cogwheels around a pin rack. The rake is steered by rollers running on a guide rail and a follower track. The rake performs a looping type movement as the cleaner carriage ascends and descends.

The well-designed construction and durability of our Climber Screens have proved to be a convincing and reliable solution in daily operational use:

  • High level of efficiency and operational reliability with low maintenance and low wear and tear:
    - No moving drive components in the water
    - Cleaning rake drive without cables or chains
    - Smooth even running of cleaner rake due to maintenance-free pin rack drive system
    - Drive motor retains its direction of rotation, thus reducing wear on the drive
  • Trouble-free installation, also into existing plants
  • Minimum maintenance and operating costs

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