Cable Operated Bar Screen

Cable Operated Bar Screen (COB) is able to efficiently remove bulky screenings and sediments such as sand, grit, and debris in pumping stations or in the inlet area of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to protect downstream installations.

With several references worldwide and over 50 years of operating experience, the benefits of COB include:

  • The robust design and intelligent cleaning technique ensure a high level of operational reliability and cleaning performance.
  • Low operational costs and low maintenance
  • High loading capacity and reliable grabbing of bulky screenings by means of a grab cleaner with rake bucket
  • Cleaning cycle can be set off from every grab cleaner position 
  • Forced closing of the grab bucket during the cleaning cycle
  • Different speeds of the cleaner carriage during descent and cleaning cycle
  • Exact limitation of lifting stroke
  • Installation depth up to 50 m

Cable Operated Bar Screen (COB) is, depending on the respective application, available in the following versions:

  • COB XXL - Dimensions similar to COB-XL, but with a Grab carriage with an opening of 800 mm for very bulky screenings removal operations
  • COB XL - Designed for heavy use in the deep channel up to 50 m. (Grab carriage with an opening of 500 mm)
  • COB C - Standard size for an installation depth of up to 20 m

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