Contrary to the conventional technology, the Center-Flo has a chainless drive with shaft and pinion on the clean outside of the screen belt. The clean side and dirty side, separated, and so a “taking over the effect of solids on the clean water side is excluded.

Innovative screening elements, such as the perforated screening element, which is multi-head drilled, or the nature-inspired honeycomb screening element generate extremely high open area (up to 90%) and thus reduce the operating hurdles and enable significantly higher throughput.

Some advantages include:

  • Able to handle influent with a high grit and gravel loads
  • Low maintenance with virtually no wearing parts and no requirement for channel access.
  • Effective organics washing and recycling of the screened solids. 
  • Improvement of downstream processes provides operational and maintenance efficiencies.
  • Excellent retrofitting capability to existing channels to improve plant hydraulics and screenings capture efficiency, e.g. coarse screen or step screen replacement.
  • Can be designed to accommodate channel dimensions and hydraulic requirements; highly suitable for deep channel designs.

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