Surface Aerator Mamutrotor

The Surface Aerator Mammutrotor is the solution for aeration, circulation, and stir mixing processes. Reliable and efficient oxygen enrichment with effective matter distribution and activated sludge circulation run the optimal activity of microorganisms and thus a particularly good extraction of pollutants in biological wastewater treatment systems.

Oxygen transfer occurs during the operation of the Mammutrotor by means of intensive turbulence of the phase boundary between the air and the wastewater / activated sludge mixture.

With various features, here are the benefits:

  • Slightly spiraled arrangement of aeration rotor ensures low noise and shock-free operation
  • The system of the drive unit and the end bearing successfully employed for long service life with trouble-free maintenance and low maintenance requirement
  • Flexible application fields by ensuring sediment-free operation in tanks to a depth of 3.5 m. In tanks deeper to 8 m, the mixing process is supported by agitators for intermittent operating besides continuous modes.
  • Constant oxygen input and no negative influence through wastewater content

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