Hyperclassic Mixer

The Hyperclassic Mixer is a vertical shaft mixer, mainly used for suspension and homogenization tasks as well as for intensive mixing and flash-mixing. Due to the flow on the water surface which is directed towards the shaft and is in vortex-shaped, all particles are distributed evenly throughout the tank which ensures excellent standardization.

The shape of the hyperboloid mixer is based on complex potential theoretical calculations. This results in a flow pattern, which, in summary, exhibits the following basic advantages:

  • The hyperboloid mixer centers itself, thus the forces on the gear and the bridges are small which allows a simple and economical bridge construction.
  • Mixer with long shaft can be constructed without problem, therefore all reaction forces on the gear and bridges are axial and directed downwards.
  • High efficiency due to minimized friction losses by actively redirecting the flow on the surface of the mixer and the input energy is inducted at the bottom that specifically used to whirl up and suspend sludge flocs.
  • The finely graduated diameter range along with the selectable rotational direction, especially in long tanks with lengthwise through-flow, has big advantages with regard to the retention time and the flow in tanks of this type. This contributes to a high operational safety level.

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