Fine Bubble Aeration

Fine bubbles are more efficient in transferring oxygen into the wastewater and have a high level of process flexibility. When water is supplied, fine slits will open in the elastic membrane and fine air bubbles will released into the water. When the air supply suspends, the slits close completely with the double sealing procedures to prevent liquid entry into the aeration system.

Our fine bubble diffuser solution has proven to be both flexible and reliable in activated sludge tank and grit traps, due to their well-designed construction and long service life:

  • Simple installation and low level of investment
  • High oxygen transfer
  • Optimum adjustment to tank form and diffuser depth
  • Best possible design – considering diffuser density, airflow, and oxygen transfer

Product Variants:

  • ROEFLEX Disc Diffuser
    It consists of a convex disk that is covered by a slit membrane that extends to the edge of the disc and is secured by a ring.
  • BIOFLEX Tube Diffuser
    In this design, an elastic slit tube membrane is mounted onto a cylindrical support tube with clamps.

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