E-Flex Diffuser

E-FLEX is the ideal membrane aeration system for biological wastewater treatment. It efficiently supplies the mixed liquor in the activated sludge tank with oxygen and is suitable for nearly all variations of the activated sludge process. It produces a large amount of oxygen in the form of fine bubbles, meanwhile exhibiting low energy consumption.

The E-Flex aeration system directs the upward water flow between the individual tube membranes causes a light oscillating movement of the tube-membranes. This leads to a high bubble separation frequency and simultaneously creates small bubble sizes. The underflow of the E-FLEX® aeration module prevents effectively coalescence above the membranes and sedimentation below the modules.

It is suitable for nearly all variations of the activated sludge process, for example:

  • BOD removal/ Nitrification in conventional activated plants
  • Denitrification with facultative or intermittent aeration
  • Sequencing-Batch-Reactor Processes
  • BOD removal/ Nitrification carrousel basins, oxidation ditches, aerated lagoon, etc.

All components are made up of environmentally friendly materials, which are sparing of natural resources. Compliance demands for stability, robustness, and maintenance independence as well as the requirement for quick and simple installation and recycling compatibility.

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