Coarse Bubble Aeration (CBA)

The Coarse Bubble specially develops and optimized for application of aeration with a high percentage of solid possess e.g. sewage sludge. It is also compatible with the aeration both in tanks with carrier media and very deep tanks. It provides an efficient oxygen supply and optimal mixing so that the biologically active bacteria can work effectively.

Our Coarse Bubble Aeration offers the following advantages:

  • It is free of clogging whereas aeration in highly viscous media such as sludge tank, with a changing viscosity the coalescence behavior of the medium also changes. The CBA system is an energy-efficient alternative in the stabilization operation or in order to avoid odor in consolidated sludge.
  • Large water depths generally limit the area of application of many membrane aeration systems due to high air temperatures so that coarse bubble systems have more energetic advantages.
  • Fitted for optimal mixing in tanks with carrier media such as fixed-bed or contract bed reactor and compliance for high-temperature processes or gas input to aggressive media.
  • The CBA element consist of specially designed stainless-steel hollow body with optimized air-exit openings since meeting the high demand on durability, robustness, and low maintenance, and the requirement for quick and simple installation.

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