Why Do We Need To be Environmentally Conscious? World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day is observed officially on June 5 to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action to protect nature and planet Earth. Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated annually by involving all citizens of the world. Usually, on World Environment Day, people together plant tree seedlings and clean up the environment in which they live.

As living beings, we cannot be separated from nature. The air we breathe, the water we consume and the land we live in all come from nature. Therefore, we as living beings must continue to take care of each other with nature. Through this world environment day, we are made aware that it is important to take care of the earth we live in. Given that the theme for World Environment Day in 2021 is "Ecosystem Restoration", according to his explanation, this ecosystem restoration means helping restore damaged or destroyed ecosystems, as well as protecting ecosystems that are still intact. Healthier ecosystems with richer biodiversity will lead to greater benefits, such as more fertile soil, greater timber and fish production, and greater greenhouse gas storage.

Nature provides all the goods and services we need to run an economy, not to mention life. As time goes on, we are increasingly reducing our awareness of the power and importance of nature in our human existence, which in turn causes an increasing environmental crisis. such as pollution, waste, climate change, destructive forest fires, strange weather events, and deforestation.
The way we treat the environment has a direct impact on all kinds of creatures that live on our earth. Our natural resources are limited, which affects the sustainability of our community. Making sustainable choices in everyday life will certainly help and play a role in conserving this resource. Small steps we can take are to use less plastic, choose products that are environmentally friendly and minimize food waste. These are simple actions that everyone can integrate into their lives.

As a form of our responsibility towards the environment and nature, PJLEnviro has provided a solution to minimize waste, where we all know that waste is also one of the biggest factors in destroying nature. PJLEnviro provides WWTP technology (Wastewater Treatment Plant) in Indonesia, with the best and leading technology. We hope that we can continue to help the country in its efforts to improve environmental conditions.

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