Bekasi Fajar Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate as one of the first industrial estates that leading developers and operator world-class managed by professionals in Indonesia. In its three decades of existence, more than 300 tenants from all over the globe have placed operations at MM2100 to produce high tech, sophisticated products for regional customers.
  • Commercial WWTP
  • Uprating capacity
  • No buffer zone

As a commercial area they had an existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and due to expansion of working its should be scaled up this capacity. The increasing capacity up to 4.5 MLD of domestic wastewater treatment installed for a population of over 200,000. 

To accommodate minimized space and bad odors, PJLEnviro delivered The Organica Water, Food Chain Reactor solution.
Higher biomass concentrations result in significantly reduced reactor volumes and space requirements. In addition, the lower suspended solids concentration allows the potential of direct filtration for phase separation. The Disc filter is used for a clarifier also important to save space which can remove 90% total suspended solids.

The Organica FCR efficiently solves the challenges as well as doesn’t need for clearance space by drowning out odors while creating an aesthetic garden-like facility that removes the impact on the surrounding area.


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